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I am a destination wedding photographer serving Toronto, Italy and worldwide. 

I aspire to capture organic moments exactly as they are — with warmth, romance, and fervor. I want my work to grip you in ways that make you yearn to be in a certain place again. As a destination wedding photographer, I want you to experience a crossroads of past and present, transporting you to times that stimulate life’s deepest emotions.

I will travel the world to capture your love in its truest form with a timeless editorial feel. 


I'm Isabella

Not just a photographer, a visual storyteller.

Interpreting the art in everything and everyone.

Reflecting your love and essence in real, raw light

Being in front of my camera has this way of awakening connection. You’ll laugh and whisper in your partner’s ear as if no one else exists. 

As I naturally guide you, my goal is to get you completely caught up in the moment — carefree, with reckless abandon. 

"I carefully tread between introvert and risk-taker. Expect a calm, reassuring energy, as I prompt you to express your love in ways you never thought you could."

Having spent most of my summers in Italy , I hold a deep appreciation for culture, travel, and the breadth of life experience that come with them. 

Fashion and magazines have influenced me from a young age, and it has since carried into my editorial style. 

Connection is everything : I value forming genuine relationships and believe capturing moments means first establishing a sense of trust. I don’t want to feel like a distant stranger. I want to share in your happiest moments, to ease any burdens, and consider myself a friend you’ll come back to even after the excitement of our session is over.

No one is you and that is your power : You being yourself is more than enough to create intentional imagery. There’s nothing quite like the beauty found in the vulnerable and profoundly sincere. Keeping this in mind, I strive to make your experience comfortable and seamlessly symbolic of your unique vision.

An editorial twist goes a long way : I understand the finer details of varying angles, chasing natural light in a room, infusing background decor, and experimenting with design around us. All of these elements — along with our connection — makes the process feel effortless, translating into shots that will take your breath away. 

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

  • I’ve always considered myself a foodie, and a big one. Not eating pasta (or my mom’s freshly baked sourdough bread) for a week truly incites withdrawal symptoms — they’re my utter weakness. 

  • I said “yes” to my fiance, Brett, on February 2021 — marking 10 years of life together. He is truly my best friend and my forever. Almost every happy recollection in my life, he’s in it.  

  • Brett and I live in our first home together just north of Toronto with our fur baby Lupo. 

  • My second home is Calabria, Italy where my Nonna & Nonno (grandparents) reside. I am absolutely in love with all things Italian and even speak Italian fluently! So if your getting married in Italia i'm your girl!!! 

  • I received my very first point-and-shoot camera at the age of 13. Thanks to a photography project in school, my teacher encouraged me to keep pursuing this craft. Her words have stuck with me since.  

  • When I am not behind the lens I am either cooking up a home cooked meal or thinking of my next creative project! 

"Working with Isabella for our engagement shoot was incredible! She was so organized throughout the planning and on the day of the shoot. Isabella made us feel so comfortable during the shoot, which resulted in some amazing photos that captured our relationship so naturally. I highly recommend working with Isabella and we hope to again in the near future!"

Emily & Jordan

"I rightaway fell in love with her work! I felt connected to her work aesthetic! I also love how she is always experimenting with different looks and vibes! I knew then I wanted to work with her for one of our campaign shoot and I did! She delivered beyond my expectations! Her work ethics, versatility and communication skills are on point! She really tries to understand what her client needs and deliver accordingly."

Dee Kapadiya

"She was a joy to work with. She made us feel so comfortable. We laughed so much and forgot to be nervous. Thanks so much for capturing our engagement photos. They are stunning!"

Annabella & Florentin

Sweet Nothings

Capturing the beauty of feeling in every moment...

No story is one and the same.
Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.

One Story

Two Souls